Environmental and sustainability policy

Environmental and sustainability policy

Commited to good enviromental and sustainability practices

Environmental and Sustainability Policy [PDF]

The Wharf House is not only committed to continually reducing its carbon footprint and impact on the environment, but also endeavours to improve the environment by going above and beyond environmental legislative requirements.

We believe our ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ philosophy and our commitment to sustainable development will help to protect the environment around us for generations to come.

From day one, The Wharf House has been heavily focused on the environment. Parts of the building are made from reclaimed materials from the demolished Over Hospital. Vast amounts of insulation was fitted as well as under floor heating to make the building as energy efficient as possible.

The roof of the building is fitted with 94 photovoltaic panels. At the time of installation this was the largest display of solar power panels in Gloucestershire and generates up to a peak of 17 kW per hour. A display within the Visitor Centre shows the current rate so we are able to monitor how much energy we are generating.

The Wharf House currently has a number of initiatives in place to reduce its energy consumption and in turn lower CO2 emissions. With our philosophy in mind, we actively focus on the following areas:

  • Energy consumption
  • Waste reduction
  • Sustainable land management
  • Employee awareness
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Sustainable procurement

Below are just some of the initiatives The Wharf House has in place, taking the above objectives into account:

  • We grow and use our own food where possible.
  • We use local and seasonal produce in our menus.
  • We work in partnership with a number of local suppliers in order to reduce food miles and support local businesses.
  • We use eco friendly cleaning products whenever possible.
  • We have a policy of not using unnecessary lighting throughout the building, with a number of automatic switch on/off lighting areas triggered by movement.
  • We are in the process of changing all of our lights to LED bulbs.
  • The kitchen has a low water consumption spray head on the pre-jet wash which cuts water use by 30%, the latest dishwasher, glass washer and washing machines have been installed which are all low energy and water use.
  • The kitchen is fitted with an induction hob. They work by creating an electromagnetic field, that doesn’t heat the hob itself, just the pan, so cooking is far quicker than it would be ordinarily, and temperature changes are instantaneous. On top of that an induction hob is an energy saver, making use of 90% of the energy produced compared with the 55% used by gas.
  • We recycle paper, metal, glass, cardboard, plastics.
  • We encourage guests to make use of the network of cycle and walking routes surrounding The Wharf House and the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal during their visit.
  • We only use paper made from sustainable resources and re-use scrap paper.
  • We are currently expanding the Wharf House and Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Trust internet presence and email practice as a means of information distribution in order to reduce paper usage.
  • We promote this Environmental and Sustainability Policy to all employees to increase awareness.
  • We identify and provide appropriate training, advice and information for staff and encourage them to develop new ideas and initiatives.
  • We continue to invest in renewable energy projects to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels We encourage involvement in local environmental initiatives/schemes such as our up and coming integrated sustainable transport project and we promote that you can travel to The Wharf House by bus, bike or foot easily from Gloucester City Centre.
  • The grounds of of The Wharf House have been planted with trees and flowers to encourage wildlife.
  • We provide electric vehicle charging points in our car park.

By visiting The Wharf House you can feel you’ve done your bit for the environment, as all profits made by The Wharf House are used for the promotion and restoration of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal Trust.

This policy is reviewed and amended on a regular basis. Last updated June 2014.