Access statement

Access statement

Catering to the needs of all visitors

Access Statement [PDF]


We aim to cater to the need of all visitors to our waterside Restaurant and seven bedroom bed and breakfast facilities. We aim to offer the highest standard we can whilst making our facilities accessible for everyone to enjoy. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to help.


We can be contacted via phone, email, fax or letter; details of how to do this are shown below. Emails, faxes and letters can be sent at any time and will be replied to as soon as possible. Phone calls should be made between the hours of 9am-5pm so that your query can be addressed straight away.

Our access statement is available on our website –

Access statement can be requested to be sent in paper format and in larger print if required.

Several buses pass the bus stop that is situated at the top of the road and runs regularly. Number 33, 32 and 73 timetables are supplied in the restaurant. Taxi services that run to our area can be given out on request and will deliver straight to the door.

Gloucester city centre is a 20-minute walk away and 7-minute drive.

The nearest shop-mobility scheme is a 10-minute drive from The Wharf House, in the centre of the town. Information about this and the nearest hire facilities can be provided on request.

We have three taxi services we use regularly so there is always an available service and they can usually be booked or requested at the time.

The nearest train station is 15 minutes away by car.

Arrival and car and car parking facilities

There are 37 designated parking spaces, of which 4 are reserved for disabled access. By request 30 of the parking spaces can be reserved.

If needed a member of staff can aid with parking and helping customers to the entrance. Similarly, aid to get to the bus stop near the building or too and from taxi’s is provided on request or at employees discretion. There is a drop off point directly 6ft outside the main entrance if needed.

The car park’s surface is recycled road planning’s which is a compacted surface so stable for wheelchair users. There are also no raised kerbs on the short route from the car park to the building itself. The road is tarmaced and the path to the building is paved.

The level of the route to the Wharf House building is constant and flat, moving from compacted road plainings, to smooth tarmac path to flat paved entrance. There is a canopy covering the front entrance to shelter.

To calm traffic in the area around the restaurant there are two speed bumps in place.

The phone number of the Wharf House is displayed in the door window of the main entrance.

There is a dog bowl outside the side door of the restaurant on the terrace in summer and can be requested in the winter months.

All the signs in The Wharf House are large print so easily understood, the signs for the ash trays and toilets are pictorial. To alert staff to customer’s arrival there is a sensory doorbell underfoot of the entrance mat, which sounds in the kitchen of the restaurant.

The car park is atmospherically lit by five blue up-lights in its centre and a great amount of light travels from the adjacent main road and restaurant itself keeping the car park well lit at all times.

Main entrance reception and ticketing area

The main entrance to the building is on the same level as the exterior ground level, meaning no steps or ramps are needed for access. The main entrance doors are double side hung doors which can be opened fully inward.

Alternatively to the main entrance, there are two side entrances to the building. The first side entrance is from the terrace into the restaurant. This is a side hung double door which can be opened fully. It leads on from a paved path on the terrace. It leads onto a mat contrasting in colour and texture from the hardwood floor making up the main surface of the ground level.

The second side door is reached through the corridor at the side of the restaurant through a key fob controlled door. It is only accessible to customers staying in our rooms and staff. It leads out to a small path which leads on a flat tarmaced surface and the road. There is a kerb on the path so that no wheelchairs can veer onto the road. The door is a single hung door with a door mat making up all the small section of floor it occupies.

The lighting in the reception area is track lighting on a dimmer so that it can be altered depending on needs of customers. It is also uniform and in the day time is mixed with a good amount of natural light coming through the large windows.

A pad and pen are kept behind the front desk so available on arrival if needed.

In the entrance there are two large sofas as well as a number of straight backed chairs.

Customers who are staying with us have a tour of the building when they check in as well as a small presentation about opening times and access to the accommodation area of the building. On request, customers eating in the restaurant will be provided with a tour of the building and WC facilities – excluding the areas used for accommodation. The reception desk stands at 107cm directly opposite the main entrance and is manned through the day. There are displays all around the main entrance and shop reception area, but no glass screen in front of the reception desk.

The reception area is 45m-sq and has a level floor throughout.

There are clear, large price signs on all of the merchandise in the shop but if assistance is needed, magnifying glasses are available to aid partially sighted customers.

The door and frames are painted cream and contrast with the dark wooden floors and skirting.

Public areas, halls and landing corridors

The restaurant and shop area are all on the same level on the ground floor so no stairs are needed for the use of either of these.

All the public facilities are on the same floor and all have level access.

For visitors that stay in our accommodation there is a room that is on the ground floor and so needs no stair access. The six other bedrooms are located on the first and second floors with 31 stairs reaching the top floor – each step is a height of 9cm. The stairs are accompanied by a banister that is polished wood and at a height of 89cm. There are also 4 landings to the top floor bedrooms.

On level one there are 4 bedrooms and on the second level there are two bedrooms that can be turned into an adjoining suite. There is carpet on these two floors and the stairs leading to them.

The two double door entrances from the main entrance and the terrace are white pained glass doors and are the designated fire doors and have fire door worded and pictorial signs on them.

The door from the Restaurant to the hallway for accommodation is a fire door with a single pane of glass in it but is a heavier single door. It has a metal handhold in its middle for easy use.

The corridor in the Restaurant leading to the toilets and door to accommodation is 40.5mm in width which is regulation size.

We have no baby changing facilities but our WC has been made with easy access in mind as it has a full range of grab rails in and around the toilet which stands at 18.5mm.

There are two public WCs – one of which is larger and contains handrails – in our restaurant which can also be used by visitors to the centre. They are 2m away from the edge of the restaurant.

Public areas, sitting room and lobbies

All of our public areas are situated on the ground floor level so no stairs are needed to be considered. Customers staying in our rooms will need to see the ‘Halls,Stairs and Landings’ section for details on the stairs up to their rooms (unless they are staying in our disabled room on the ground floor).

The flooring type in all of the ground floor is hardwood. Around the doors there are doormats of a lighter colour than the other surface. The door mats have a border around them to hold them to the floor.

The lights are track lighting on a dimmer.

There is a telephone that our customers are welcome to use at reception. The numbers are raised and there is a loudspeaker option.

Public WCs

The toilets are located directly off the main restaurant area, down a short hardwood corridor, very easily accessible to all as they are on the ground floor.

There are separate facilities for men and women, and the women’s toilet is also a disable facilitated toilet.

In the WC that has been designed for disabled use, there is an alarm pull cord as well as a series of grab rails at various heights, levels and angles.

The women’s toilets floor is 122x117cm in dimensions and has five grab rails at different heights and positions. The Grab rail on the door is 76cm above the floor. They are white and positioned in vertical and horizontal placements. They are placed on the WC door, by the side of the toilet and the wash basin.

The wash basin stands at 76cm in the women’s/disabled toilets. It has a Lever tap with a thermostatic mixer to prevent scalding. There is a grab rail by the side of it in the women’s/disabled WC to provide support.

The toilet is 18.5 from the floor and has a vertical and horizontal grab rail accompanying it.

The doors into both WCs are wooden side hung fire doors. They are 33 in width.

Both of the WCs are tiled with non-slip tiling. There is a wooden skirting board different in colour to the floor and white walls to show contrasts between surfaces and areas.

The facilities are also white which contrasting in colour to the flooring.

There are no baby changing facilities.

The signage for the WCs are pictorial and are tactile.

The coat hook is situated on the back of the door in both WCs.

Lighting is uniform with a track lighting on a dimmer.

Spacious walkways between tables for easy access.

Moveable table arrangements for various size number of guests.

We have a magnifying glass although the menu’s print size is relatively large (it follows the regulatory size type standard).

We cater for many special dietary requirements on request and have various vegetarian meals on the menu as well as those that can be slightly altered for celiac and diabetic diners.

The WCs are located 6m from the restaurant along a main corridor. The cutlery is large with thick handles. There is waitress service in the restaurant.


Ironing board and iron is available to customers staying in the hotel.

Other laundry facilities aren’t standard but can be incorporated into the customers stay on request and will be done free of charge.


The shop is on the ground level, the same level as the outside so no ramp or steps needed to enable access for all. The entrance to the shop, which is also the main entrance to the building, is a side hung double door which can both be opened fully inwards if needed.

It is situated in the reception and seating area of the building.

The shop has hardwood floors and a mat at the entrance.

Assistance is available for anyone who needs help.

Prices of products in the shop are in large print and a magnifying glass is available for any partially sighted customers. They are set on products at all different levels of the display.

The counter height stands at 420mm and is directly situated opposite the main entrance. It is made from a lighter wood than the hardwood floors and so contrasts.

Lighting in the shop is track lighting on a dimmer switch so can be adjusted to suit customers’ needs.

A hearing loop is available at the front desk.

A variety of products are available including food products suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Outdoor facilities

The Wharf House offers a beautiful Canal basin situated approximately 25 meters from the main entrance. It can be reached by paved steps or a gravelled pathway. Along the basin pathway there are several benches which can be used as rest stops. The paved paths and the gravel are in contrasting colours so easily distinguished from one another.

There are informative signs with large print along the pathway and the basin giving information about the site as well as where the visitor is situated.

The entire area is lit by street-lights situated along the tarmaced pathways. The light from the adjacent dual carriageway is a good light source to the building pathways.

We have an outdoor eating area on our terrace which has a smooth paved path as well as gravel. It is easily accessible from the car park as it can be accessed by a path that paved along the side of the building. It can also be accessed through the restaurant and through the side door off the side of the restaurant. There are no steps up to the area only flatly sloping ground. The gravel and paving contrast in colour.
Conference and meeting rooms

Our restaurant can be booked out for Conferences, meeting or banquets and can accommodate up to 60 people. See ‘Restaurant/ Dining Room, Bar, Take Away and Cafe’ section of this access statement.
Bedrooms and sleeping areas

6 of our 7 bedrooms are situated on the 1st and 2nd floor up a maximum of 31 stairs. They are situated along corridors through a fire safe main door. All except one have baths and showers. The entrance to the stair access bedrooms are along the corridor from the main restaurant but can be accessed from an external door on the side of the building. This access is flat, paved and level to the car park and building.

The Wharf house boasts a fully fitted disability accessible room on the ground floor. It contains a wet room and a wheel-in shower, as well as a spa bath fitted with an alarm pull. There is a bell fire alarm in every room.

The route to the disabled bedroom is unobstructed and on a constant level from the car park to the room. The floor is Hardwood and other hard flooring.

The lighting in the rooms is track lighting which is controlled by a switch or light pull.

One of our rooms can be made as a Twin or a Super King size, the rest are King Size beds.

The signage for each room is large print. There is a cordless kettle in each room with a water level to show if it is full or not. There is also a cafetiere in each room. The fridge in every room is filled with mini bar products but there is space for additional products such as medication.

The colours of the hardwood floors and bed and skirting are all contrasting in colour.

The disabled room is an annex from the main building. It is accessed down a main paved path. It sits less than 20 yards from the main entrance.

If required, there is a Staff assistance/familiarisation tour available for customers on request, in addition to our compulsory run through of our access areas and bedrooms for each customer.

Bathroom/ shower room & WC

All our rooms contain en suite bathrooms. The size of our bathrooms vary in each room but our disability accessible room has a bathroom large enough (like our Female WC) for wheelchair access. The floor surfaces are tiles or non slip vinyl. Doors to the bathrooms are side hung wooden doors with locks. In our ground floor disables bedroom there are various horizontal and vertical support rails that are situated around the toilet, bath and shower and sink. The shower is suspended above the wet room floor so is wheel chair ready. It is also dog ready. The basin is on a thermostatic mixer in all of the rooms.


The Wharf House has a visitor’s centre, which contains many interpretation boards in many different size prints. We carry a magnifying glass in the reception area. The exhibits we offer are at every height as the run up the walls and are at different levels in the centre.

The centre is open at the same times as the Restaurant and sits in the reception of the restaurant. The lighting and flooring details can be found in the ‘Public Areas’ section of this access statement.
Grounds and Gardens

Our grounds include a canal basin which can be accessed by a gravel path from the tarmaced road and pathway. The light gravel and the pathway are contrasting to the darker pavement. The basin can be reached by steps but there is also a gently sloping ramp to it.

We have a sensory garden of bamboo and French Lavender as well as a vegetable patch. Along the pathway there are benches and around the basin there are benches which can be used as rest stops or to just enjoy the view.

There can be hazard from the canal basin but there is a ledge before it to decrease the danger of an accident occurring. The bank to the river which is also on our grounds is securely sectioned off by glass barrier.

Contact Information


The Wharf House


01452 332900


01452 332901



Grid Reference

SO 8128119491 / X 318281 Y – 219491

Hours of operation

10.00am – 11.00pm
(The last orders for evening meals are usually taken at 8pm unless special requests are made and we are open earlier for breakfasts for our hotel guests)

Local carers

Local doctors surgery

Kingsholm Surgery, GL1 3EN
01452 522902
Opening Hours – 8.30am – 1.00pm & 2.00pm – 6.00pm
NHS direct

On Call 24Hrs a day
0845 4647

Local equipment hire companies

Gloucester Shop Mobility Centre
Hampden Way
01452 302871

The shop mobility hire company is situated approximately 10 minutes away from The Wharf House by car or taxi.

Local transport numbers

There are several bus services that pass our premises. The bus stop is approximately 100 yards from The Wharf house. The pathway to the bus stop is on the same level as the path from the main entrance of the restaurant so no curbs have to be navigated. The path is sloping and is paved outside the main entrance but runs into tarmac.

We store bus timetables at our reception desk which are provided for our customers. Telephone 01452 425000.